TA Immunocomplex


  • "Selective" precipitation of soluble human serum antigen-antibody immunocomplexes in polyethylenglycol (PEG) and borate buffer.
  • Precipitate amount is measured turbidimetrically at 450 nm.
  • The kit enables 240 tests (including controls) within the microtitre plate made of colour-coded strips and breakable wells.
  • Total assay time: approximately 1.5 hour.
  • Negative control, CUT-OFF and Positive control included.
  • Evaluation using the index of positivity (IP) or in units: (Absorbance of sample in PEG buffer - Absorbance of sample in borate buffer) x 1000.
  • Shelf life: 24 months.
Turbidimetric assay for the detection of circulating immunocomplexes in human serum.
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