• Microtitre wells are coated with the citrulinated synthetic peptides of 2. generation as an antigen.
    • If specific antibodies are present, they bind to the antigen, are labeled by the Conjugate in the following steps and are detected by color reaction with a single component substrate (TMB-Complete).
  • The kit allows 96 tests, including controls in a split microtiter plate with color-coded strips and breakable wells.
The total assay time is about 2 hours. High sensitivity and specificity of the test. Kit includes CUT-OFF, Positive Control, Negative Control and Calibrators (10, 20, 130, 800 IU/ml). Semi-quantitative evaluation in the Index of Positivity (IP) or quantitative evaluation in IU/ml. Ready-to-use, color-coded components. Single-component substrate. Interchangeable components with the exception of kit specific components (Controls, Conjugate, Plate).
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